Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up to the Smart Points benefits program?

At the Smart Points booth located at the lobby of Oh! Cancún & Smart Cancún hotels or at the link below:

I signed up at the website but I haven't received the confirmation email.

Check your SPAM inbox, as some email providers my classify it improperly.
If you haven't received the confirmation email within 30 minutes, please dial +52 800 283 2949

In which hotels do I earn Smart Points?

You earn points with each stay at Oh! Cancún and Smart Cancún hotels.

Where can I see my earned Smart Points?

You can consult the status of your points at the clients area of the Oasis Hotels & Resorts or login to the members portal at

What can I redeem with my earned Smart Points?

You may redeem them for hotel nights, spa treatments,Day Pass, Smart Car Rental, in addition to reservations at Benazuza resaurant. Smart Points are valid to redeem at any of our Oasis Hotels & Resorts of Cancun and Tulum with 24 hours in advance.

How long will it take for my Smart Points to appear in my account?

Smart Points are accumulated electronically after the account holder has checked out. In case the account holder isn't staying, the Smart Points will be allocated after one day and a confirmation will be sent to the registered email.

How to I redeem my Smart Points?

1. Login or Sign up here.
2. Choose the stay or service you like.
3. If you chose hotel nights, book through
If you chose spa treatments, car rental or day pass, you'll get a confirmation email.

Which documents should I show when I arrive to the establishment I chose to redeem my points at?

You’ll get an email with the electronic confirmation of the service you requested; there you’ll find which documents you must show upon arrival.

If I lose my affiliation number, can someone else redeem my points?

Yes. The user is the only responsible for managing and taking care of the affiliation number. In case of loss, please get in touch with us in order to file your report. Only then you’ll secure the points you have in your account at the time of the report. Your previous affiliation number will be cancelled and we’ll provide you with a new one.

If my affiliation number was cancelled for loss, how can I have access to the program?

We’ll provide you with a new affiliation number. Once you activate it, you’ll re-gain access to the program and your points obtained will be kept just as they appeared at the moment we filed your report.

Can I transfer my points to a different loyalty program?

You can’t. They’re exclusive to the SmartPoints program.

Can I transfer my points to a credit or debit card?

You can’t. SmartPoints have no cash value; they’re only redeemable for Oasis Hotels & Resorts products and services.

How can I upgrade my membership to GENIUS level?

Once you’ve booked 10 or more rooms.

How will I know when my membership has reached the GENIUS category?

Consult your transactions at The upgrade to GENIUS category will be applied automatically once you’ve booked 10 rooms. Moreover, we’ll email you once you’ve reached the GENIUS level, and we’ll keep you informed about your membership’s new benefits.

When the upgrade to GENIUS level is applied, will I keep the same affiliation number?

Yes. As soon as you’ve reached the next level, we’ll send you an email with the new benefits available for your GENIUS membership.

If I make a reservation and I cancel it, will I keep my earned points?

You won’t. The points are added 24 hours after you check-out from the hotel.

Can I accumulate and combine my points with some other promotion?

You can’t. The SmartPoints program rewards can only be redeemed for the products and services specified at and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

Is there any fee or cost derived from the SmartPoints program?

No. This program was created in order to reward our clients for their preference, therefore, you membership is totally free.

Is transportation included with the Beach Clubs day pass?

It is. With your convenience in mind, we included round-trip transportation upon reservation, in the established departure times

Can I book my room with upgrade and pay the difference before I arrive?

Absolutely! It is possible, provided that the category you requested is available.

If I book 10 nights in less than 2 months, will I reach the GENIUS category?

By all means! We hope we find more members like you.

Why weren't my points credited to my account?

When the affiliate makes a reservation his mail must match as he did when he made the affiliation to the program, otherwise do not accumulate points.